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Pastor T & Ms. April
Rev. Thomas & April Buckley

Judah Worship Center is an Independent Assemblies Fellowship Church ( and Pastor T and Ms. April are the Youth Directors of the fellowship.

Pastor-T is a minister and practitioner of servant leadership. He has invested his life in developing the local church, church leaders & ThisGeneration of young people. He is known for his creative, passionate and often humorous way of communicating that captures the attention of all and stirs them towards change. He spreads the Gospel message through leading Praise & Worship, Service & Conference speaking, ministering in the Gifts. Pastor T is now using the unique insight that he has gained during his 19 years of ministry experience to inspire others to fulfill God's dreams through the local church.


Pastor T also ministers through Leadership/Praise & Worship/Youth Ministry consulting.


PastorT and Ms. April have been married since 2002 and have been in ministry together since 1998. 

Judah Worship Center was conceived by God and planted in the hearts of Pastor T & Ms. April at the beginning of April, 2008. Upon that Word alone, the first service was held in their living room on April 13, 2008.

Statement of Purpose:

We exist to daily encounter God through a Holy Spirit-led lifestyle. We believe that the purpose of Judah Worship Center is to: ESTABLISH believers in the faith; DEVELOP believers in their ministry and personal walk with the Lord; and RELEASE believers to fulfill the ministry and purpose of God in their lives as they further the Message of the Kingdom of God. 

We will only preach The Word. We also believe the foundation of this ministry has to be built on The Word, Praise & Worship and Prayer. It's as simple as that. We will keep it that simple and allow God to move as He pleases. We are not targeting a specific demographic; we want God to reach ALL people. We are not looking for just the 'young crowd' or the 'rich crowd'; we are looking for FAMILY. We are looking for people that want to come HOME.

Creating an atmosphere where God can move explosively and intimately is the driving force behind Judah Worship Center
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